Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Crystal Castles' dropping their second studio album in June this year. Apparently it will be called Crystals Castles again. Let the three tracks below be an indication of what to expect.

Crystal Castles - Pap Smear[Download]
Crystal Castles - Vietnam [Download]
Crystal Castles - Birds [Download]

The pictures above are courtesy of  oslolso. I could only imagine Crystal Castles in the background when these pics where taken.

Monday, April 19, 2010


If you're in Cape Town this Friday (23 April 2010), come party with us, IN THE NAME OF CHARITY at Albert Hall! I'm excited about the line-up, cause it'll be my first time to see Popskarr perform live!

Desmond & The Tutus - Peter [Download]
Desmond & The Tutus - Pictures [Download]
Popskarr - Tonight [Download]
Popskarr - Tonight (Mr. Vega Remix) [Download]

Saturday, April 17, 2010


New Detachemnts single H.A.L and video out.
Purveyors of twisted, machine-pop noir built from influences in the (Haunted) House such as Cold Wave, Minimal Wave, Synth Pop, early '80s Factory Records, Krautrock.

Detachments - H.A.L. [Download]


Boys and Girls cast your eyes on Oberhofer!!! He might just be the next big name in indie music.

Oberhofer - Away FRM U [Download]
Oberhofer - Haus [Download]


The word is out on the street. Yes, the new Drums début is out on June 7th. NME has got a review (sort of) of each track. So follow this link: http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php? , if you're uber anxious to find out what it's all about.
Below is the video for the latest released single, Best friend. I must admit, I like the 3/4 pants and tucked in shirts.


The Drums - Best Friend [Download]
The Drums - Saddest Summer [Download]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Good Shoes is definitely one of  my all time favourite bands. Their new album No Hope No Future has the highest play count on my LastFm account for the past 3 months. The band recently released a new video for the track The Way My Heart Beats. It's fun to watch and I have to admit the track is a real foot stomper.


Don't know why I've been putting this on hold for so long to post something on Egyptian Hip Hop. Their sound is just as fresh as their hair cuts, and in case you're wondering, they don't do hip hop. Their track Rad Pitt demands your attention from the first listen.  They released their début single, Wild Human Child earlier this year, and now there's a video out too. Both of which does not disappoint. Egyptian Hip Hop is definitely a band to look out for in 2010.


Egyptian Hip Hop - Rad Pitt [Download]
Egyptian Hip Hop - Heavenly [Download]