Sunday, September 12, 2010


Girls Names is the new buzz that's been exciting blogs everywhere (or rather mostly in the northern hemisphere really). They themselves describe their music as disposable noise pop songs,  It's a conglomerate of shoegaze and catchy surfer-rock hooks, so anticipate shadowy vocals echoing over a lo-fi guitar racket.  The songs "Blood River" and "Tear Me Down" are good examples of this. Some may compare them to the Crystal Stilts or perhaps even the Blank Dogs. What makes them stand out, you may ask. I can mention three things. Number one: They're from Belfast, which isn't the obvious choice for a lo-fi, surf rock band. Secondly, their cover of the Twin Peak's theme song, Falling is one of the best covers I've ever heard. And last, they make good music which is fun to listen and dance to.

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Members: Cathal (vocals), Neil (drums) and Claire (bass)
Label: Unsigned
Website: myspace

Girls Names - Blood River [Download]
Girls Names -  Graveyard [Download]
Girls Names - Tear Me Down [Download]

Girls Names - When You Cry (Ad Hoc Version) from CASS/FLICK on Vimeo.

Falling (Twin Peaks Theme) by Girls Names from claire miskimmin on Vimeo.