Thursday, May 27, 2010


Beach Fossils' Self-Titled LP is officially out on Captured Tracks (25 May 2010). Read Pitchfork's view on the new record here.

Beach Fossils - Daydream

Beach Fossils - Vacation

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Small black is slowly gaining momentum towards making a name for themselves in the world of music. Their self entitled début EP was out in April this year on Jagjaguwar, which was a remastered version of a self released attempt last year. The new EP comes with two additional tracks, "Kings Of Animals" and "Baby Bird Pt. 2."  Small Black are currently writing and recording their debut full length album, scheduled for release later this year on Jagjaguwar.
Watch the 80's themed video for "Bad Lover" with its hazy visuals below.


The wait has been long, but it's finally over. The Klaxons made a new track available for streaming after it was premiered on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio One show, last night (May 25, 2010).
"Flashover"  has a noise rock tang to it, instead of  the nu rave sound that brought the band to fame. The album is set for release in autumn (Northern Hemisphere) and has a provisional title of Surfing The Void.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


'Dancy' Electro pop that makes it difficult for one to stand still. And who best to do it than The Shimmer. Initially known as The Mono, The Shimmer is a two man show or rather a sibling duo namely David and Jade Hanks.
They got the vote for "Best Of Myspace" for 2010, without having any official material released.
As per the buzz on other blogs, they have a début single in the pipeline soon to be released via Hit Club.

From: London and South East, UK
Members: David and Jade Hanks
Sound: Punchy, dark emotive pop? Honestly there's no genre for this, but it's pop perfection and catchy as fuck
Label: Hit Club

The Shimmer - Crash [Download]

The Shimmer - Lover Void [Download]

The Shimmer - No Surprise At All [Download]

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The Holidays is a first for me, although they've been around since 2006. Their début EP released in April 2008 got positive reviews. The second EP, 'When The Ship Goes Down' soon followed in October 2008. After this they've been busy crafting their first album which is set to release August 2010. "Moonlight Hours", the first single from their début "sets the mood for what’s to come, a groove-based record full of summer vibes."

From: Sydney, Australia
Members:  Simon Jones, Will Magnus, Alex Kortt and Andrew Kerridge
Label: Liberation Music (independent)
Sound: 20 bands at once put together in a way that is unique yet familiar.

The Holidays - Moonlight Hours [Download]

Thursday, May 20, 2010

THE BACK-LOG EDITION | Twitter #NOWPLAYING (03 Mar - 16May 2010)

This weeks playlist features a couple of oldies and plenty of newbies. It starts off with the sweet mellow sounds of Bot'Ox's Blue steel and Toro Y Moi's Blessa and gradually escalates into more denser tunes by the likes of Claps, Detachments and Schwefelgelb.
I've thrown in a bonus playlist, which features tracks by Solange La Frange, Curry & Coco and Cyberpunkers.This one will get you moving faster :-)

Tracklis | Twitter #Nowplaying (03May - 16May)

1.Bot'Ox - Blue Steel

2. Toro Y Moi - Blessa

3. Anni Rossi - Crushing Limbs

4. Arsenal - Estupendo

5. Electrelane - Come Back

6. Good Shoes - Nazanin

7. Beastie Boys - Girls

8. The Drums - Saddest Summer

9. Beat! Beat! Beat! - Fireworks

10. The Shimmer - No Suprise At All

11. Red Ink; - Battle Scars

12. The Salvadors - Atacama Disco

13. Egyptian Hip Hop - Rad Pitt

14. Happy Birthday - Girls FM

14. Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi of The Bridge

16. Claps - Fold

17. Detachments - Circles

18. Schwefelgelb - Ich nehm' den Mund zu voll

Playlist | Twitter #Nowplaying (03May - 16May) [Download]

Tracklist | The Back-Log Edition
1. Altona - The Voltarenes   
2. Logo - La Vie Moderne (Dutchmode's Edit)   
3. Crystal Castles - Celestica (Professor Purple Remix)
4. Solange la Frange - Love Affair
5. Metronomy - Holiday
6. CyberPunkers - I Needed To Go (Original Mix)
7. Detachments - H.A.L.   
8. Jamaica - I Think I Like U 2   
9. Neon Indian - 7000 (Reprise)   
10. Starfucker - Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
11. Geographer - Kites   
12. Alphabeat - Public Image   
13. Skybox - In A Dream (The Hood Internet remix)
14. Oberhofer - Away FRM U
15. Thieves Like Us - Never Known Love

Bonus Playlist | The Back-Log Edition [Download]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the hippest places in France at the moment is not Paris. No. It's Lille. The city in the North of France houses about 100,000 students and, of course, they all need to party after a long day's study. And who could better satisfy these basic human needs than Curry & Coco. This eclectic DJ-cum-performance artist duo knows how to rewire tired brains into wild party machines.
Curry & Coco just released their début album “We are beauty”, which probably alludes to the music rather than the musicians. But they could have also called it “a collection of the best dancing tunes ever”, because that's exactly what you'll find on “We are beauty”: Catchy samples, addictive beats & dancy melodies!

Curry & Coco - Sex Is Fashion [Download]

Curry & Coco - Sex Is Fashion (Emperor Machine Extended Vocal Mix) [Download]


If there is a band that you must see live, it should be the Berlin based punk band, Bonaparte. Their live shows  has been nicknamed, the circus, and what a circus it is indeed. Humans dressed as animals, a ringleader with a whip, clowns, half naked people with disco balls as head gear, the works. These guys put live stage performance in a whole new perspective.
Their facebook status currently says: 'BONAPARTE is bum bum pling oink squeeeeeeek!' Frankly that describes them pretty well, in a nutshell.  Their  new  and second studio album is dropping June 4th. Download the new track, 'Computer In Love' and 2 older tracks from the links below. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010


This one came out of the blue, a new track by Johnny Neon called Hearts. There's not much detail surrounding this track though. It could be an appetizer for what's to come next; perhaps a  a new album?, who knows, only time will tell.
Here's a little something I posted on Johnny Neon last year:

Johnny Neon - Hearts [Download]


Raised on a fusion of sounds - from punk legends The Clash, Bad Religion and Propaghandi to electronica maestros The Prodigy, Aphex Twin and MSTRKRFT, Haezer has asserted himself as a progressive in the modern Electro movement.
Combining elements of punk, breakbeat and industrial music with his already glitch-ridden Electroclash sound, Haezer has further rooted himself as a player in the electro-dance revolution with his remixes of local luminaries The Dirty Skirts, Yesterday’s Pupil, Kidofdoom and Jax Panic.
Haezer - Who The Fuck Is Haezer [Download]
Haezer - Here Come The Punks! (feat Circe) [Download]

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twitter #NOWPLAYED (26 Mar - 02May 2010)

A friend on twitter, Hayley and I decided to compile playlists of our weekly tracks we've hash tagged as nowplaying or loved in lastfm. I've compiled my first list and thought I'd share it with you. Follow Hayley here:
To top it off  I've decided to to use Effortlessness' artwork as image for this post. Follow Effortlessness on twitter here: Support the artwork here:  Perhaps this will become a weekly ritual so remember to check  in regularly to join in on the fun.

1. Class Actress - Carefull What You Say (5:12)
2. Small Black - Despicable Dogs (1:55)
3. Boats - Chrome Eyelids (3:52)
4. Darwin Deez - Radar Detector (3:12)
5. Brazilian Girls - Good Time (3:47)
6. Bonaparte - Too Much (3:05)
7. Cansei de Ser Sexy - Bezzi (3:04)
8. New Young Pony Club - We Want To (4:42)
9. Hey Hey My My - Not Fun Anymore (3:51)
10. ArpLine - Make It Rain (3:24)
11. Tokyo Police Club - Boots of Danger (Wait Up) (3:11)
12. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - That Time Of Day (2:51)
13. Black Tambourine - For Ex-Lovers Only (2:40)
14. Foals - Brazil Is Here (4:20)
15. The Black Keys - Howlin' For You (3:11)
16. Darwin Deez - Bad Day (3:10)
17. Small Black - Weird Machines (3:59)
18. Beach Fossils - Daydream (3:06)
19. Egyptian Hip Hop - Heavenly (3:44)
20. Crystal Castles - Vietnam (LightsoverLA remix) (4:30)

Playlist | #Nowplayed (26Mar-02May 2010) [Download]