Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the hippest places in France at the moment is not Paris. No. It's Lille. The city in the North of France houses about 100,000 students and, of course, they all need to party after a long day's study. And who could better satisfy these basic human needs than Curry & Coco. This eclectic DJ-cum-performance artist duo knows how to rewire tired brains into wild party machines.
Curry & Coco just released their d├ębut album “We are beauty”, which probably alludes to the music rather than the musicians. But they could have also called it “a collection of the best dancing tunes ever”, because that's exactly what you'll find on “We are beauty”: Catchy samples, addictive beats & dancy melodies!

Curry & Coco - Sex Is Fashion [Download]

Curry & Coco - Sex Is Fashion (Emperor Machine Extended Vocal Mix) [Download]


  1. OMG, i'm so happy to see Cury & Coco in here. don't know where you're from but i didn't know they were 'famous' anywhere else than northern france.
    great blog btw, i think i'll spend a lot of time here.

  2. Thanx for the comment. Curry Et Coco is brilliant. They remind me of We Are Enfant Terrible. Which I need to give a mention sometime soon. I'm based in South Africa, but this blog has no Geographical boundaries when it comes to good independent music ;-)

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