Sunday, May 23, 2010


'Dancy' Electro pop that makes it difficult for one to stand still. And who best to do it than The Shimmer. Initially known as The Mono, The Shimmer is a two man show or rather a sibling duo namely David and Jade Hanks.
They got the vote for "Best Of Myspace" for 2010, without having any official material released.
As per the buzz on other blogs, they have a d├ębut single in the pipeline soon to be released via Hit Club.

From: London and South East, UK
Members: David and Jade Hanks
Sound: Punchy, dark emotive pop? Honestly there's no genre for this, but it's pop perfection and catchy as fuck
Label: Hit Club

The Shimmer - Crash [Download]

The Shimmer - Lover Void [Download]

The Shimmer - No Surprise At All [Download]

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