Monday, February 21, 2011


New video for Neufvoin's track polar song. Directed by Henri Turunen and filmed in Northern Finland in the area where the colours and the twilight of Polar Song exist in the nature. Neufvoin is currently preparing material for their début album after their succesfull Fake Musket EP tour in Finland last year.

Neufvoin - Polar Song from Henri Turunen on Vimeo.

Nuefvoin - Polar Song [Download]


James Boonzaier (vox guitar), Johnny Kotze (guitar), Patrick Skuce (bass) and Tim King (drums) is Jakkals.  They draw influences from The Velvet Underground, The strokes, Foals to mention a few. Recently they've released a track, Woah! Nelly as a showcase of their talent, which  is downloadable from the link below (right click, save target as). Last year they've gigged around Cape Town, building a solid following of 'happy go lucky' rock luvvers. Go find out more about them on their facebook page.

Location: Cape Town
Bandpage: facebook
Sounds like: your happiest dream


I'm digging the current indie music scene in Cape Town. Some really talented bands popping up so I'll  do my bit and shed some light on those you should keep an eye out for in 2011.

La Vi was a initially a 3 man act Kenan Tatt (guitar and vocals), Chantel Van Tonder (lead vocals and percussion) and Nick Frost (drums and percussion ), lately they've expanded into a  fuller four man act with Johnny U joining the band. They draw influences from life and music and their interests lie in yoga and tea....zing!!! Below is a vid of them performing at the Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch this past Friday. Have a look at it and if you like what you see and hear (although this vid does not do justice for this bands talent) head over to their facebook page, jot down their gig dates and go give them some groupie love at their next show.

Supercancer is Paul Melis, Gideon de Kock, Julian Brookstone. They're based in Cape Town and describe their sound as noise pop. They've recently made an appearence on 2OceansVibeRadio and released a free ep on bandcamp. The video is footage of their first gig at the Hidden Cellar this past Friday.

Cape Town based surftronic duo Beach Party is currently one of my favourites for 2011 and they're giving away three of their tracks for free. There's no signs of any live gigs thus far, but I'm keeping my eyes pinned on them for 2011.


Last train by BEACH PARTY

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Dub step seems to be doing it's bit in cashing in on electronica's successful infiltration into more mainstream indie music. And as much as I don't like saying it, but have to's kind of taking over the electronic scene.  Seems like every party you go to these days is tainted with this mind numbing goo rhythm of a sound. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Olinosterfant a three piece act hailing from Durbanville has managed to make dub step more digestible for those who are lesser-of fans by infusing it  with rousing 8 bit energy and dusting it off with super-crisp production. Give two of their tracks below a listen or download it for further indulgence (right click, 'save target as'). And when that's done go tell them how much you've enjoyed their sound by befriending them on facebook and commenting on their wall.

Location: Durbanville
Members: Vocals/Gameboy/Lyrics - Jaak,  Synths/Programming/Guitar - Willie, Vocals/keyboard/Lyrics - Nelmari
Band page: facebook 


Sunday, December 5, 2010


With the first listen to Yeah Ok I'm left to imagine worn out masses, soaked with sweat and filled with sublime emotion after these guys have left the stage. It's finally here!, the much anticipated début of the Belfast native punktronic trio, Not Squares.

1. Release The Bees (7:42)
2. De Na Na (2:58)
3. In Front (2:34)
4. Smith & Carlos (4:45)
5. Asylum (4:11)
6. Don't Do Nothing (5:25)
7. Yeah! (4:24)
8. Ojos Para Volar (3:53)
9. Bi Kan Na (3:04)
10. 53 (7:23)

Bonus: This will keep you moving
Dancing Pigeons - Brushfield Spots [Download]
MIT - Was War Es [Download]

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Inspired by sand surf and sun, that which was, still is, and those that will be. A mixtape  celebrating bands of recent times that's reviving the shoegaze, noise pop and lo fi rock scene.
Big thanks to Thomas for designing the album art. Visit his blog here and befriend him here.

1. Black Tambourine - Heartbeat (1:41)
2. Sea Pinks - Falling Over (3:09)
3. The Young Friends - Downtown (1:54)
4. ROLLERSKATERS - Boyhood (2:52)
5. French Films - Take You with Me (2:31)
6. Crystal Stilts - Love is a Wave (1:59)
7. Dum Dum Girls - Oh Mein Me (2:11)
8. Vivian Girls - Damaged (2:06)
9. Slow Club - Giving Up On Love (2:50)
10. Seapony - Dreaming (2:20)
11. Lovvers - Human Hair (0:46)
12. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Cool Ice Cream (2:57)
13. Black Lips - O Katrina! (2:50)
14. Wavves - King of the Beach (2:38)
15. Lovvers - Ocd Go Go Girls (3:48)
16. Crystal Stilts - Departure (4:28)
17. The Notes - Dancing Shoes (2:20)
18. Best Coast - Far Away (1:24)
19. French Films - Golden Sea (2:28)
20. Girls Names - Graveyard (2:45)
21. Beach Fossils - Twelve Roses (2:19)
22. Sex Beet - Sugar Water (3:08)
23. Electricity In Our Homes - Hooves (3:33)
24. The Ponys - Double Vision (3:37)

 Grab each track individually (right click, 'save target as') or download the entire mix here.

2010 has not disappointed in music at all and matters just keep on getting sweeter -->Crystal Stilts are back with a new single Shake The Shackles, after a two year dormancy!!

Crystal Stilts - Shake The Shackles [Download] - (PS: the first serving of the bands second disc, due early 2011)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


New video for The Neat's forthcoming single Hips via Chewing Gum.

The Neat - Hips [Download]