Sunday, December 12, 2010


Dub step seems to be doing it's bit in cashing in on electronica's successful infiltration into more mainstream indie music. And as much as I don't like saying it, but have to's kind of taking over the electronic scene.  Seems like every party you go to these days is tainted with this mind numbing goo rhythm of a sound. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Olinosterfant a three piece act hailing from Durbanville has managed to make dub step more digestible for those who are lesser-of fans by infusing it  with rousing 8 bit energy and dusting it off with super-crisp production. Give two of their tracks below a listen or download it for further indulgence (right click, 'save target as'). And when that's done go tell them how much you've enjoyed their sound by befriending them on facebook and commenting on their wall.

Location: Durbanville
Members: Vocals/Gameboy/Lyrics - Jaak,  Synths/Programming/Guitar - Willie, Vocals/keyboard/Lyrics - Nelmari
Band page: facebook 


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  1. There seems to be a catty gap between those who like dubstep and those who don't. Ventomat has Olinosterfant to appease both sides.