Tuesday, November 23, 2010


New video for The Neat's forthcoming single Hips via Chewing Gum.

The Neat - Hips [Download]

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Schwefelgelb reminds me of blissed out, unrestrained, nipping nights in Berlin, where the only proof of a good night out was a sore body and a killer hangover the following day. I'm exited to announce that the boys are back with their second studio album Das Ende Vom Kreis (The end of the circle). This album packs punch in a way Muhammed Ali would only dream of (listen to Schwartz Weiss). Das Ende Vom  Kreis is densely layered and restless, and continuous the dark electro new wave standard set in their début (Alt Und Neu).

Location: Berlin
Memebers:  Sid, Eddy, Nyx, Hal
Band Page: myspace / facebook

1. Schwefelgelb - Intro (0:49)
2. Schwefelgelb - Wie Ich Heiss (3:56)
3. Schwefelgelb - Alle Sterne (4:43)
4. Schwefelgelb - Wie Jeden Tag (3:55)
5. Schwefelgelb - Zu Zweit (4:50)
6. Schwefelgelb - Ruckwarts Vorwarts (4:56)
7. Schwefelgelb - Unser Eigener Mull (3:05)
8. Schwefelgelb - Solange Du Atmest (4:07)
9. Schwefelgelb - Schwarz Weiss (5:41)
10. Schwefelgelb - Von Allem Zu Viel (4:13)
11. Schwefelgelb - Regen Aus Rosenquarz (4:18)
12. Schwefelgelb - Ganz Egal Was Ich Mach (4:21)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


This past week I've "been burning the ocean", with my thesis due end of November; 17 days and counting!! But what's been keeping me smiling is this 3 piece kit from Seattle. Their sound reminds me of what's waiting this coming holiday...sand surf and sun. Seapony churn out happy indie pop that'll compliment any day at the beach. They have a well put together sound for such a young band. Having formed only in June and releasing a free ep on bandcamp in August, they're gearing up to release Daydreaming,  their 7'' début on November 15 via Double Denim.

Members: Jen, Danny, and Ian
Location: Seattle
Label: Double Denim Records
Band Page: myspace / facebook

Seapony - Daydreaming [Download]

Dum Dum Girls - Throw Aggi Of f  The Bridge (Black Tambourine Cover) [Download]
Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi Off The Bridge [Download]
Black Tambourine - For Ex Lovers Only [Download]

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Are you paying attention to Popskarr yet? If not, then you better be getting on their band wagon soon, because they're slowly working their way towards making their mark on the indie dance scene, if not already. Try out their latest remix of Cassius' I Love You So, and you'll find yourself itching for more. Popskarr's remixes shine with innovation and colour and their live performances are that of  assured vigour and sophistication. I'd go so far and say Popskarr will surely raise some eybrows in 2011 if they drop an ep or perhaps a début on us.

Members: Yannick Ilunga and Terrence Pearce
Location: Cape Town
Label: Unsigned
Band Page: myspace / facebook

Popskarr - Tonight [Download]
Cassius - I Love You So (Popskarr Remix) [Download]
We Have Band - OH! (Popskarr Remix) [Download]


Another mix to download and enjoy. This one marks the second instalment of  Sunday Sensations, a mood setter for a chilled out mellow Sunday, featuring Fire Through The Window (Durban), Bordeauxxx (Guildford), Monzano (Oslo), Seapony (Seattle) and  Peru Peru (Lille).
A big shout out to Chloe for designing the album art.

1. Silver Swans - Secrets (2:56)
2. Kisses - People Can Do The Most Amazing Things (4:10)
3. Small Black - Camouflage (3:29)
4. Dominant Legs - Young at Love and Life (2:28)
5. The One AM Radio - Credible Threats (2:50)
6. Monzano - Yes We Can´t (3:02)
7. Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday (4:02)
8. Seapony - Dreaming (2:20)
9. Sea Pinks - Japanese Knotweed (2:07)
10. Bordeauxxx - Mother's Ruin (3:45)
11. Fire Through The Window - Golden (3:12)
12. PERU PERU - Colossal Youth (Young Marble Giant cover) (3:12)
13. Fractal Farm - Walking (4:11)
14. Deerhoof - Super Duper Rescue Heads! (2:34)
15. Boats - Chrome Eyelids (3:52)
16. Matt & Kim - Where You're Coming From (4:09)
17. Happy Birthday - 2 Shy (3:00)
18. Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) (4:12)
19. Petra Haden - Don't Stop Believin' (Journey Cover) (4:05)

Don't feel like downloading each track individually, grab the mix here.

Peru Peru "Love"

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Neither French, nor particularly a collection of French films, these Finish chaps make sunny music from a cold cold place. Their two track ep entitled Golden Sea was released mid October  this year via GAEA Recods. According to their facebook status a few weeks ago, they've started recording their début already. And now there's a video out for their much hyped about track Golden Sea. What do they sound like? Think of  the Drums, the Young Friends and Joy Division repackaged in true subarctic Nordic style (It's Finland's answer to the Drums).

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Memebers: Ohannes (vocals, guitar), Joni - (vocals, guitar), Mikael - (vocals, bass), Santtu (keyboards, guitar, percussion) Antti (drums)
Band Page: myspace / facebook
French Films - Golden Sea [Download]
French Films - Take You With Me [Download]

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Twee pop, a genre paved out by bands such as Heavenly from the 80's and more recent acts like Los Campesinos!, Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian, is very much alive and by the look of things, it's here to stay. Another addition to this genre is the U.K based Bordeauxxx. They formed last year in October and has cultivated a solid following of twee pop lovers. Get their ep from bandcamp for free and see for yourself if they're well worth the hype. Careful though...too much Bordeauxxx might leave you affectedly dainty.

Location: Guildford, Surrey
Members: Amy Bache, Charlie Clement, Jon Fairey, Martin Lilley, Nat Harding
Label: Unsigned
Sounds Like:  Malva Pudding
Band Page: myspace / facebook

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been sharpening my teeth for this one. SIDEWALKS, Matt and Kim's third studio album is out today!! Haven't given the album a proper listen, but "Cameras" and "Where You're Coming From" appealed to me from the first listen.

1. Block After Block
2. AM/FM Sound
3. Cameras [Download]
4. Red Paint
5. Where You’re Coming From [Download]
6. Good for Great
7. Northeast
8. Wires
9. Silver Tiles
10. Ice Melts