Saturday, November 6, 2010


Neither French, nor particularly a collection of French films, these Finish chaps make sunny music from a cold cold place. Their two track ep entitled Golden Sea was released mid October  this year via GAEA Recods. According to their facebook status a few weeks ago, they've started recording their d├ębut already. And now there's a video out for their much hyped about track Golden Sea. What do they sound like? Think of  the Drums, the Young Friends and Joy Division repackaged in true subarctic Nordic style (It's Finland's answer to the Drums).

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Memebers: Ohannes (vocals, guitar), Joni - (vocals, guitar), Mikael - (vocals, bass), Santtu (keyboards, guitar, percussion) Antti (drums)
Band Page: myspace / facebook
French Films - Golden Sea [Download]
French Films - Take You With Me [Download]

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