Sunday, November 7, 2010


Are you paying attention to Popskarr yet? If not, then you better be getting on their band wagon soon, because they're slowly working their way towards making their mark on the indie dance scene, if not already. Try out their latest remix of Cassius' I Love You So, and you'll find yourself itching for more. Popskarr's remixes shine with innovation and colour and their live performances are that of  assured vigour and sophistication. I'd go so far and say Popskarr will surely raise some eybrows in 2011 if they drop an ep or perhaps a d├ębut on us.

Members: Yannick Ilunga and Terrence Pearce
Location: Cape Town
Label: Unsigned
Band Page: myspace / facebook

Popskarr - Tonight [Download]
Cassius - I Love You So (Popskarr Remix) [Download]
We Have Band - OH! (Popskarr Remix) [Download]

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  1. "I'm not so hip to the indie dance scene. But Ventomat knows better, and is teaching me about Popskarr."