Sunday, August 22, 2010


Northern Ireland has once again gifted us with sweet comfort for our ears. Before it was the dance pop trio Two Door Cinema Club and now there's a new buzz band in the village. They go by the name of Not Squares. This Irish punktronic trio makes beats that forces your body to move in-sync even if your head says no. Its rapid bursts of nervous energy intertwined with dirty synths, double beat drums and disco baselines in a non generic fashion. Music by the band Liars suddenly seem like bedtime lullabies.

Earlier this year they signed to The Richter Collective and released the single  Asylum under this label. Recently they released the video for the track "Release The Bees", which was directed by Andrew Woodby.

From: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Members: Michael Kinloch, Keith Winter, Ricki O'Rawe
Sound:  read the description above
Label: Richter Collective

Not Squares - Asylum [Download]
Not Squares - Release The Bees [Purchase]

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