Saturday, October 23, 2010


The chaps from Satellite Stories introduce themselves as four satellite heroes from the planet of summery breeze. They draw strong influences from Bangor's Two Door Cinema Club, Liverpool's Wombats and Brooklyn's Vampire Weekend. This is the kind of stuff you'd want to soundtrack your summer holiday. Satellite stories make feel good, happy music, that leaves you wanting more. They're just a few short weeks away from releasing another exclusive track to their followers. So get to know them before they become commercial property.

Location: Oulu, Finland
Members: Weather-Satellite (vocals/guitar), TV-Satellite (guitar), Search and  Rescue-Satellite (bass/vocals),
Navigation-Satellite (drums)
Band Page: myspace / facebook

Satellite Stories - Helsinki Art Scene [Download]
Satellite Stories - Kids Aren't Safe In The Metro [Download]
Satellite Stories - Meico [Download]

Bonus: Their guitarist (TV-Satellite) made  a great 8-bit remix of Helsinki Art Scene.
Satellite Stories - Helsinki Art Scene (8 bit) [Download]

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  1. Hi! Thank you for featuring us. I just want to add that 8-bit remix was actually made by me.

    - Tv-satellite